Naruto 87 Reaction

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        1. Demanding more work from them when they already put out many videos simply because they contribute money is wrong. Imagine if your boss demands you to start working 60 hours a week with no increase in pay. Everything is laid out when you sign up for Patreon, you can like it, or leave. Feedback is fine, but simply demanding more work with not cool.

      1. weekly reminder for Michael to understand that everyone can have there opinion and suggestions and NEVER ASSUME MICHAEL. This series will go on for years and after certain episodes I gurantee they will do 2 a week if not more

        1. you guarantee? This should be good. Tell us, what exactly can you guarantee? That they will do 2 eps just because whiny fanboys keep complaining? Because it will “improve the experience”? Because it will be “better for them” or “in their best interests”? You are aware that when this show first released, many people watched it the same as they are right? Infact, when it was first released, it was worse for those who were watching, due to filler and delays and waiting for new seasons etc. Blindwave gets to watch 1 per week, without filler, any anime mistakes or retcons (like in dialogue or in animation) are fixed for them, and they don’t have to worry about delays in the eps coming out. The only things that may affect their releases are global events, natural disasters, emergencies or their own decisions.

          And that is what many people fail to remember. Yes, you are paying for a product, but you do not own the product, nor do you have a say in what happens. Because someone buys an apple phone, do they suddenly own shares in apple and get to decide what is good or bad for apple? Do they get to sit in private board meetings and say “the new phone should have this, this and this”? No, of course not. They own a product by a company and they pay for it, just like how we own and pay for an account to watch video’s that people release. If blindwave decides to do 2 episodes, I am fine with it. But whether they do or not should be up to them, since its their content, their lives, their free time, their commitment etc.

    1. It would be much more efficient to watch 2 or 3 in a row. You would be done 2 or 3 times as fast and only need to do a third of the set-up for each video. They’re reacting to hour long shows all the time, so reacting to a 20 minute show for 15 years seems awfully inefficient.

    2. You’re right Master Zen we’re such assholes. How dare we ask to get our money’s worth. How dare we ask that these poor tortured souls go through the pain of watching an extra episode of tv a week. How dare we.

      1. Yes, you are being assholes. They have their schedule and they are transparent, no need for them to compromise that for some pathetic manchild crying in the comments. Go act childish somewhere else.

        1. I don’t care about what either of you nerds are arguing over. I am just here to tell you that you should invest in Dogecoin. To the mooooooooon!

  1. I waited a week to watch a balloon pop. I’m paying $15 a month and I waited a week to watch a balloon pop. Look I understand the fact that if they give this show 2 a week other shows may be asked to have 2 a week but this really should be an exception. Most shows don’t have hundreds and hundreds of episodes. Most shows advance the plot more than a balloon popping. You say it would be unfair to give this show 2 episodes a week and not all the other shows, well I say that giving this show at least 2 a week would make it fair. Tell me, is it fair that every other show that they’re watching is gonna finish way before they even make a dent in this show? Is it fair that some shows are 40 minutes long not 20? Is it fair that they are going to waste so much time that could be spent on other anime? The Normies are doing 2 a week heck sometimes they even do 3 a week and I don’t see their audience complaining that their other shows aren’t. Sometimes an exception has to be made and people can understand that. I’m not saying this because I disrespect Blind Wave’s decisions I’m saying this because I love Blind Wave and I want a better experience for everyone involved. But for right now I’m out. Once my subscription is up for this month I’m done.

    1. You’re not paying €15 for 1 episode of Naruto. You’re paying €15 for 4 episodes of early access for 13 different shows, plus the full length of those shows. If you are only interested in paying for Naruto and not using your sub for their other stuff, that’s on you, not them. I 100% get my moneys worth for my four-sight subscription.

      Do I wish they did 2 a week for Naruto? Yes. I think most shows with 100+ episodes should be put on 2 a week to make sure it rotates out quicker. Even if it means doing 1 less show so they can schedule it. But they don’t owe any of us anything. I’ve been a raw/four-sight rider for 3 years but that doesn’t give me a right to demand my “moneys worth”. They give me exactly what I pay for.

    2. They lay out everything you get when you sign up for Patreon. You know what you’re getting into. If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it. Whining and crying asking for more will get you nowhere.

    3. You have every right to feel that way, and so does your opposition. I personally agree with you because I’ve seen really successful Youtubers with 1 million subs take the advice of the people paying them & increase the amount of eps. Blind Wave may choose not to do that, but with the amount of fans requesting it I doubt they would ignore the pleas of the people lining their pockets. I’m personally only here for Hunter x Hunter and when they finally get to Last Kingdom, which, if finishing this show gets them there faster, I support your well-thought out position. They will eventually see the reason behind why 2-3 episodes a week makes more sense but by that point they may risk losing some $15 consumers. I thankfully have other shows I am interested in here. Just wait, and buy Dogecoin.

  2. Lmaoo you are so right Joshua, even they are frustrated, Aaron is the one who shows his frustration the most but the others feel the same
    But anyway, you’ll always find people worshiping the crew like him
    At least, I don’t pay for this cuz I would be so fucking mad If it was the case

  3. we need another long running shounen anime than the crew could bring in polls like of what show do you want to have a second episode next week? that would benefit the poll rider reward because they would have an additional poll for each week and the Community could pick up the pace in one of the long running shows if we are at good parts and then slow down at the beginning of an new arc and push the other long running show because this is now getting to the good parts

  4. MancunianProphecy
    Nah Im just waiting for the YouTube uploads, I’m not a patreon anymore cuz I cannot stand this one per week system so yeah I’m not paying shit

  5. I don’t watch the naruto reacrtions but I do agree that if they had a poll asking which shows should be twice a week it would help a lot.

  6. I kinda agree about the 2 a week reaction for naruto. Heck I remember when toonami was showing naruto for a while and we got 2 new episodes a week back to back because it was so popular and America was so behind Japan. I gotta say.. So long as they skip fillers for naruto. It shouldn’t be so bad. But come shippuden.. Which is like quadruple the episodes. We’re gonna have a problem.. But for all we know. Maybe they have different plans for shippuden.

    1. Well, i don’t wanna be rude to the Blind Wave boys because for the past 4+ years i ve been loving their reactions. I don’t think there is anyone else with the way BW engages with he series they react to and the quality the bring. That being said it is very easy to predict what is going to happen. They will drop Naruto after the first season that is like 99% what is going to happen. Since they seem, so stubborn to not do more than one episode per week I don’t see anything changing when shippuuden time comes. They have their reasons for it, it’s okay everyone has their reasons for everything. That being said I hope they won’t drop the show and find a solution to this. I am still enjoying their weekly reactions because they are a bunch of cool folks. Even tho people spam them asking for more episodes which is a bit rude and clearly annoying to them. I would love to see them re-evaluating this.

  7. It was mentioned that they chose to react to this show. It was never part of a poll for Patreons to vote on. I’m sure if it was, we would have told them not to react to Naruto unless they changed their format of one episode per week.

    Also they need to keep in mind that the anime came out 15+ years ago on Toonami, where the goal was to stretch out the storylines. It looks like they are skipping filler episodes, but are reacting to episodes that are a mix of canon and filler, which I think are affecting their experience w/the show.

    Unfortunately, the pacing won’t pick up until August when they catch up w/Tsuande.

  8. Wow, these comments are pathetic. Whining for more content in the comments will get you nowhere. They lay out everything you get when you sign up for Patreon. If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it.

  9. ok, sooo I expected at least four new episodes today for this tier. I’m basically still just getting 1 episode a week, four weeks early…., well this sucks. Guess ill go back to being just a YouTube viewier after this month

  10. So firstly, DAMN IT RICK, NOW IM CONFLICTED. Is it the ceiling, or is the ceiling the top of your brain cavity, or is it the bottom? Is the top of your head the roof? I’m so confused. Secondly, all fun aside, if you’re one of the people demanding more episodes, go take a look at their schedule, be aware that they stream all week on twitch, then keep in mind they also have lives outside work. Aaron even has children goddammit, show some respect or they might just start removing comments all together, and sticking to discord. I personally wouldn’t blame them, they wouldn’t be the first, you all think that because we entertainers are paid by fans, that you can demand all our time but no.
    Sincerely from a small-scale online GM.

    1. I get that I am 2 weeks late, but you really are the king. These people literally expect that because they pay for something, they own the right to have a say. The funny thing is, they do. They pay for patreon which gives em access to this website and (depending on their tier) puts them a few weeks ahead of others. Patreons have the ability to vote in polls, leave messages for the group, potentially receive gifts and even shout-outs. On their website, they get access to ALL the shows that they are doing (last time I checked, its like 20 different shows per week) and get them early access with the ability to watch in full length too. Blindwave also streams and has lives like you mentioned. These people complaining and saying shit like “we want our moneys worth, we want more episodes” clearly are only aware that naruto exists on the entire planet and think everything revolves around it. 20 different shows a week, on early access and full length is already “moneys worth” in my opinion, let alone all the other benefits that come with.

      At the end of the day, blindwave doesn’t put a gun to these people’s heads and force them to pay for this. They list what the benefits are before you select the tier, they list the price, and you have the option of stopping at any time. You can always watch the same stuff 4 weeks behind on youtube if you really hate it that much, because they ain’t gonna change. Bringing up shit like “us people line your pockets” just makes it worse, because its like they are trying to buy blindwave’s freedom of thought, of action and of independence.

      So for anyone reading this who seriously complains about the way they do things, just fuck off. Yes, you have your own opinions and can voice them if you wish, but it doesn’t mean that those opinions will be heard, respected or reciprocated. They work their assess off and if it wasn’t for the fact that people WANTED to pay for this, then they would be basically doing all this for hardly anything (because of youtube’s money situation and the fact that they share it, pay staff, fund projects etc). So if u are paying for this and want to keep paying, then look around at what else you can watch from them, or maybe get a job and work for a living, so u will have less free time. And if you want to stop paying, or don’t pay, then there is nothing at all for you to lose. If you choose to watch them, its your decision and if you feel like its a waste, then you can always leave or stop for a while with nothing changing

  11. When I watched these episodes when they were airing, I don’t think I really thought much of it that they were just hanging out in this town for however many days so Naruto could train and Jiraiya could… research… But you’re right. ^^’ And none of you even brought up the point that jumped to my mind. There was no talk in this episode of the need to find Tsunade, which you’d think would be especially important to Naruto now that they need her to heal the friend he just watched get beat down a few episodes ago.

  12. Weekly reminder to my self how it felt watching this series week to week when it came out xD personally I love the feeling that it is streched out during a long time

  13. I’d rather have these crybabies complaining about more episodes a week than the crybabies complaining about how Blind Wave are watching the dub and not the sub for shows. But either way they will never react to more than 1 episode a week. Even if they did you babies wouldn’t be happy with that. The normies react to 2 episode a week and their comments are filled with babies crying for more than 2 a week. It’s pathetic and you all need to grow up. If you don’t like that they do 1 a week then stop paying for it. Vote with your wallet. You complain week after week about only 1 episode yet you still pay them. If everyone got together and stopped paying they would probably up the count or just cancel the Naruto reactions. But why would they double up reactions when you all still pay them?