Naruto 88 Reaction

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  1. I hope an editor reads these comments, if you want to give them this information or not its up to you im not sure if this is a spoiler in any way. Heres some things on chakra and hand-signs
    Chakra: can be manipulated and focused through the body to enhance it, giving more power/speed depending on the amount of chakra and how well its controlled, I.E. Sasuke against Garaa in the chunin exam he(sasuke) was using chakra to enhance his physical activity forcing his body to move at Rock Lees speed. The better your controll, the less you waste.

    Hand-signs: are used to refine and manipulate the chakra in specific ways. An example of this is Sakura in the chunnin exam forest, she used hand-signs to activate the clone technique and the replacement technique. Hand-sings themselves help build up and move chakra in specific patterns through the body, causing an effect I.E. fireball technique, or chidori (the 1000 birds technique Sasuke did against Garaa)

    A well trained and experienced enough ninja can activate techniques through only manually controlling chakra with fewer or even no hand-signs needed but to do this a ninja must manipulate the chakra in the same way the hand-signs would for you , but doing so manually takes a lot of control and experiance with a technique a good example of this is Kakashi using the replacement technique when they were protecting the brigde builder. Those 2 ninja hopped out of a puddle and sliced him apart with chains, but he had already noticed them and was ready to use the technique before they even attacked.

  2. Forgot to add at the end. kakashi way earlier when he gave them the bell test already showed an example of this , Naruto had a hold of him(Kakashi) and he(kakashi) transformed into naruto without using hand-signs. So you can assume that basic techniques, if trained in enough or if the user is skilled enough the fewer and fewer signs they need.

  3. There’s another why they probably won’t do 2 a week that I feel isn’t being addressed. The Time. These guys are uploading at least 20 videos a week, not to the mention the gaming streams, the podcast, and their personal lives with their families. They also record multiple episodes at a time so that they can keep up with the schedule on patreon. Yes, these are 20 minute episodes compared to the other 40. But having them do twice the reactions will add up over time. We also have to think about the editors and the demand they have to work on. In order for them to do 2 a week they would have to sacrifice some other reaction project. It wouldn’t be fair to them or the other viewers. It sucks that we have to wait a long time for them to get to the best parts, but it’s something we have to live with. They didn’t have to react to Naruto. But they chose to. So please be thankful for that and don’t be greedy. You’ll get your reactions, but it has to be on their terms.

    1. Exactly this. Plus if they moved to 2 a week because Naruto is longer than that will give fans the go ahead to complain about 2 a week for other long shows. Plus 2 a week won’t be enough and they’ll complain for 3 or more a week. The Normies already do 2 a week and their fans complain wanting 3/4 episodes a week.