Naruto 89 Reaction

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  1. They literally ran out of things to talk about because so little happened in the episode. Again, proof they should do 2 a week. And no I’m not spamming because everytime I comment I bring something new to the discussion.

  2. I believe you guys should consider changing the schedule to 2 episodes a week for this week. Every anime reactor I’ve seen on YouTube usually reacts to at least 2 episodes in one sitting because it allows for more material to be reviewed in discussions later. Also, lots of Naruto episodes have filler moments. So once you guys get around to those episodes your probably gonna be disappointed and have barely have anything to talk about afterwards. (Ex: some Naruto episodes will have 15 minutes of filler material, & then the last 5 minutes will be canon material).

  3. I see the usual salt in the comments but I’m honestly loving this once a week pace. Most reactors just binge like a bag of potato chips. Its refreshing to see a reactor take their time and savor the pleasures and frustrations of watching one episode a week. At first I didn’t want them to react to yet another long-ass shounen, but this has become my favorite reaction series yet!

  4. same. reginald is government name and save for two aunts (one who only used it when she wants something and another just to pick at me cause im so proper in my country family lol) no one calls me reginald. my little cousins and brothers dont even know that reginald is my name lol. im either rick, rickie or lil rickie. everywhere else? reg, reggie or reggie reg

  5. Ricky Martin was the best tangent and we want more episodes because we may not live long enough to see the end with you guys. And that would be a shame 🥺

  6. I want just one episode per week!

    In all seriousness, it does feel like the crew has been more invested with the series since opening 4.