Naruto 91 Reaction

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  1. The 2 a week thing being impossible for them to do “due to the shedule” is hilarious to me. They barely even do a reaction that is worth opening the Youtube video for. Just watch 2 episodes in the same sitting and react after them. I’m not asking for them to have 2 releases per week, just one with 2 videos.

    As if they don’t have time to watch another 20 minutes of Naruto per week… That’s a very bad argument.

    1. Even if they did record 2 episodes a week it wouldn’t change how many episodes a week they upload. It would means they recorded 2 reactions in a week.

    2. yeah i gotta admit with series like this i do hope they someday increase howmany the watch a week theres hundreds of episodes of naruto we would be watching there reactions for over 5 years if they continue this way

  2. I know they’ll never do 2 a week, but fuck it’d help alot. Og narutos pacing isn’t great, and also at thos rate, even skipping filler it’ll be like 7 years before they finish

  3. Of course it’d be great if they did two a week, but they’re not going to and nagging them about it every week isn’t going to help, if anything it hurts. But if it makes you people feel better, then by all means keep shouting at that wall.

  4. Like I said before, we saw with HxH last reaction, these guys are so stubborn and especially Eric, like he would rather die than go back in his word and change this one per week thing, so this is just a pride thing now

    1. Right, it kinda sucks, because they could at least reward the people who pay for the $15 tier an extra episode of Naruto a week or something, they know this is a long series and they’re just milking it. The Normies are charging less for more and they’re on shippuden already smh.

  5. Im willing to bet all the 2 a week people only watch the naruto reactions so it would be perfectly alright for all of them to go fuck right off over a cliff and leave the rest of us in peace

  6. Man, it’s really hard to hear this episode, I think it might be all the crying and whining babies in the comment section whos lives are so devoid of meaning that watching people react to a show faster is the only thing that gives them joy. Just fuck off, all this content is free on Youtube, if you’ve paid to be here congrats, you got exactly what you paid for, it does not however give you ANY say in what they do. Don’t like how they’re watching it, goodbye! Have fun somewhere else, no ones keeping you here, no one cares that you’re here. You can go watch someone else doing the thing you want. (But also keep crying, it makes my week every time I see you losers XD)

    1. The idea of double-episode reaction should be more of a thank you to their fans. The fans know how long this series is. It’s the longest series they’ve ever taken on, even excluding the filler. YouTube doesn’t pay shit. We PAY them to react to tv shows and movies. They’re making money to watch entertainment. It’s a weird twisted reality we’re in. Nevertheless, we all have different values. For example, I couldn’t care less what series they react to, because that in itself expands on the types of shows I watch too. They’ve done multiple episodes per week with GoT, so their claim of scheduling problems doesn’t fly. And I thought I’d get to see them all react to this series but we’ve already lost Shane. It’s a dark thought, but in the 5+ years it’ll take to finish this series, their channel could end, other members could leave, there’s so many what ifs that could lead to an unsatisfactory end. If we cut that time in half by doing 2 episodes per week, it massively improves the chances that this same crew will be there at the end. That’s what I want. I want this crew to be there and I want to be there. Greedy? I’m already paying them.

    2. You’re also missing the point. We all understand that it’s free on YouTube. We also love the crew, so your being sour at us doesn’t really affect anyone but you. Vent away. Eric is super stubborn. He probably won’t change his 1 episode a week thing unless all of his patrons boycotted the channel over this, which we all know will never, ever happen. But just as you bitch that we ask for 2 episodes a week, we need to bitch that we don’t get 2 episodes a week.

  7. And it makes my week every time I see u dumbasses posting long ass messages just to tell us to stop asking for two episodes a week, cuz I don’t really care, I’m just here trolling you guys every week lmao
    (And I’m also not paying for this content, so it’s all good for me)

  8. You know what would be fun??? If they just did like a marathon for a day of naruto episodes. I know trust me I know they won’t just saying it would be cool. Sometimes I like the hype of having to wait. It like the old days of watching dbz on toonami.