Naruto 92 Reaction

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  1. Rick and Eric are correct. Orochimaru confirms that it itachi is more powerful than him (including when he had working arms) and is related to him leaving the akatsuki.

  2. Theres a bit of a misconception with the reanimation jutsu. The sacrifices have to be alive at the time of casting as the jutsu takes their life to bring back the dead

  3. “It says yes and no there, I know it does, don’t lie to me!”

    Yes, it does, but the literal translation of “Yes? No? Tsunade’s Reply” to the title is kind of a jank option if you want something with a little bit more dramatic weight in english.

    1. “Maybe Akatsuki translates to Twelve Rings or something.”

      Akatsuki in this case translates to Daybreak. The thing about rings was related to their position within the group.

  4. this discussion was really good. I think They are going to love getting to learn more about the world. I think we are a like 16 months from shippuuden. If they skip filler. There minds wil be blown.