Naruto 95 Reaction

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  1. It says Kabuto is 23 years old.
    But that’s probably in shippuden, so I’m guessing he is 20 years old here.
    Naruto is 12 years old here, not 11 🙂

    But its still impressive ^^

  2. Tsunade was 100% responsible in healing him, this was her opportunity to save someone (someone who happened to share the same ideals as her beloved ones, as well as shares a physical resemblance to her younger brother) that was on the brink of death. She succeeded in saving him and that’s what helped break her fear of blood and death (which was developed after Dan died). In a way, saving Naruto saved Dan and Nawaki.

  3. Wow. You completely missed the point of Tsunade’s hemophobia. She only had it due the death of both her brother and lover. She became famous before that. During this episode she overcomed her phobia. She isn’t afraid of blood anymore.

  4. I love how you guys have seen enough anime at this point where you just now say “it’s an anime thing” instead of questioning the anime shenanigans that goes on. You guys are officially anime aficionados.

  5. Just wanted to say not to worry about the Akatsuki and why they want Naruto. That’s something that doesn’t get addressed until Shippuden. It’s possible even Kishimoto didn’t know where it was going at this point in the manga.

    Also Sasuke’s birthday is in July, Naruto’s is in October, and Sakura was born the year after them in March.

    You guys are only a handful of episodes away from being in safe territory to watch the first Naruto movie, Clash in the Land of Snow.