Naruto 96 Reaction

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  1. I feel like Orochimaru never gets the respect he deserves, are we not going to talk about how he fought both sanin with no jutsu? I know jairya was drugged but that’s not comparable to a reaper death seal

    1. They ain’t gonna be doing 2 a week. Doesn’t matter how long u ask, or how many times u say it. It doesn’t fit their schedule.

      Cos guess what, like it or not, it’s their channel and their reactions. They could stop posting naruto right now if they wanted to. So stop complaing. At the end of the day, are you getting reactions? Yes. So therefore, ur getting what u asked for. Clearly u like it, considering the tier that ur paying for. So shut up and accept it

      1. Preach it! Most idiots like this guy have forgotten at episode 1 Blindwave Stated that this is a show they decided to react to on their own decision. No one voted for this, they picked it up for themselves. They can drop it if they want because no one was even expecting them to react to naruto. Especially how bad the pacing is and how long it is for a youtube channel that does one episode of a series a week. It’s funny how this ‘manchild’ has the ability to pay $15 a week yet acts like a spoiled brat wanting more naruto by not shutting up and understand that they won’t ever do more than 1 episode a week No matter how annoying you brats get.

          1. At this point, it’s appropriate being an asshole. If you don’t understand they’re not going to drop more than one episode a week, you fall into the category of “I’m a dumb fuck”.

      1. Nahh… it’s 100% necessary at this point. Someone once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Constantly posting “muh 2 a week!” almost two years later when they’ve continually stated they’re not dropping more than one per week puts you in the “dumb fuck” category. At the very least it makes you an insufferable Naruto fan.

        1. Really how about he knows how much of a dick you are and how much it affects you and hes sitting at home laughing at you getting angry like I am right now

          1. im more laughing at that he replied to your statement that this wasn’t meant for this comment

  2. I think orochimaru probably just didn’t want to teach Kabuto the body transferring jutsu to replace his hands because it gives him an advantage. Or the canon reason that gets explained later in the next series.

  3. Please we need 0 episodes a week it’s the way you should experience Naruto it’s what smart people like ME do. Why don’t you Listen to ME unlike those other people who are wrong unlike ME. ??