Naruto Shippuden 01 Reaction

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  1. So just for context concerning the beginning bit, naruto the OG series went through nearly 2 years of filler and they needed someway to massively increase the hype about shippuden and capture people’s attention immediately, I would say it worked

      1. Also they could have just adapted the Kakashi Gaiden story then and there. He is one of the, sometimes even, the most popular characters in the story. It would have worked just as well if not better.

    1. Because they and no one cares about “technically”. ” Technically” the anime producers forced the manga to be a “new” show when it’s just one long manga.

      1. why even defend them? Theres hundreds of episodes, dropping 5 at the start wouldn’t effect them at all and it would make the community happy that the slow ass start would be finished sooner

        1. Kekles, have you ever heard of a “schedule” or “plan” before? If releasing 5 episodes at once to satisfy greedy, ungrateful paying customers doesn’t create a mess of their schedules, then I don’t know what does. You do know that they plan all of their recording sessions etc out, right? Also, you are already paying for 4 episodes ahead of youtube, if you wanna email them telling them you will pay more for an even higher tier, go right ahead and see if they accept. If they don’t, then sit back and accept what you get

        2. Right!!!… I honestly only kept this tier because of Naruto Shippuden was starting, but now that was a waste. That’s sucks.
          And Tom1010 calm tf down and hop off Blindwave’s d*** lol. Paying customers have the right to ask questions or in your words *Complain*. Kekles was right though, it would’ve made their community extremely happy if they had did a 5 episode drop, especially since we’re paying $15 and still have to wait once a week for an upload on Patreon.

          1. Technically if that’s your logic then we’d have to wait 3 more weeks for them to post it. The entirety of Naruto still isn’t on Youtube yet. Usually when the final episode is uploaded that’s when they would typically announce the new show. Then the following week they’d post it on youtude and the other four on Patron. They’re actually doing us a favor by uploading the Shippuden episodes I’d rather not have to wait. Also after the end of a show they’d do a replacement poll.

    2. As I’ve explained to someone before, this is simply a continuation of the show, like going from dragon ball to Z or moving onto another season of a show/anime. Since all eps of naruto and shippuden have already been released, they can flow seamlessly into the next… exactly like they did. For actual new shows or new seasons, its because its a fresh start or because they haven’t seen it in a while (examples being the boys and stranger things 4), while naruto literally just continues on. Also, asking for 5 episodes doesn’t make sense logistically either. Think about it this way. You are paying to be 4 weeks ahead of youtube (which you currently are) and you then ask for a 5 episode drop because its a “new” continuation. This either means they have to release 5 eps onto youtube at the same time, which messes up the release dates, scheduling etc, but if they don’t then it would mean you are now paying to be 9 weeks ahead of youtube for 1 particular show. I mean, hell, if you wanna complain, then why not ask them to just privately record all episodes of the shows you love and hand the files over to you in person?

  2. They dropped 4 or 5 episodes of stranger things and it was the same show, just different season but with Shippuden, that couldn’t happen
    These guys are so inconsistent

    1. I mean it isn’t inconsistent lol. Naruto to naruto shippuden is technically the same show just continued with a title change to announce it was a timeskip. But is still a continuation from naruto so the format wouldn’t change. While Stranger things is a show that was nearly released season in bulk meaning they did their 5 episode rule as they always do with returning shows that go into a new season

  3. Man i wished Rob would have edited the episode so they didn’t see the beginning portion of Naruto and Sakura looking for Sasuke. Looking at it in retrospect it really doesn’t make sense for that bit to be there.

    For one it spoils the new look of both Naruto and Sakura, and on the other hand it supposedly “builds hype” for the reunion but what it really does it’s just spoiling it and taking the emotion out of it.

    And the worst thing is that it doesn’t even happen on this first arc.

  4. I’m so super excited for this. And not only that you’re also reacting to all the omake segments too!
    There are some hilarious, informative, and entertaining ones. I can’t wait ’til you see ’em ^-^

  5. The third hokage mastered all the scrolls learnable of the village. Minus the other clans secret techniques. Was over 1000 techniques that he mastered on his own. Unlike Kakashi who copied over 1000.