Naruto Shippuden 02 Reaction

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    1. I believe Rhop edited the last one in, since as far as I know they’re only available as a back to back special feature on the dvd sets. And even then some of the Omake were excluded because they’re tone didn’t match the episode, so they’re difficult to find let alone in English. Basically I wouldn’t expect them to be included in every reaction, just when Rhop can find them

      1. I recognize that they won’t and more power to them, BUT it might actually help them reach their 1 million subscriber goal this year (personally I doubt them making their goal). Come to think of it; considering all the children rage complaints about the Naruto reactions, it may actually hurt their subscriber numbers to not do two a week. More likely will do nothing, but I also don’t know how many rage quitters currently subscribe to them.

    1. I can only suggest changing how you watch them. No way I’m watching these every week they come out; I’m just not going to acknowledge these reactions until next year, binge them; rinse & repeat.

      1. Unsubscribe for a year, then binge your year’s worth of episodes. If all the complainers stay subscribed while they wait for episodes to build up, they’re only paying to be upset.

        Though I can promise you, they have enough other shows and subscribers to worry about whiners paying $15 a month just to watch Naruto reactions once a week. It won’t bother them if you leave.

  1. You know it would be easy to be upset at how long things will take but watching it week to week will finally have a reactor group who are understanding of the flashbacks because they actually need them. I think they’ll enjoy the show more because of it and I for one am excited for the next 5 years of Naruto!!

    1. They’re watching an edited copy from their editor, it’s the HD Crunchyroll footage with the english audio track replacing the Japanese audio…and it allows the editor to fix continuity/subtitle issues, translation notes, and to hide spoilery intros

  2. I just binged all their Naruto reactions in a couple of days… I should have gone slower, because now I’m caught up and the rest will take a few years 😂