Naruto Shippuden 04 Reaction

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    1. i would say it’s sooner than that but were probably year out from that although that isn’t to say there wont be some good ones along the way.

  1. Please do one episode every 2 months guys lol!!
    God, I’m so happy I ain’t paying for this shit, I’m still able to watch this tho, I ain’t paying for one ep per week, that’s for sure

    1. Yeah, the switching between scenes really kills the momentum of this fight. Which is why in the Manga, mostly that entire Kakashi vs Naruto & Sakura fight isn’t shown. Only the very begging when we see Sakura’s strength, and that ending part, are shown.

    1. lol right, it’s honestly better to just skip a couple of weeks/months and just come back and watch their reactions in bulk. I would’ve kept the $15 Patron status if they were uploading more like Normies or RTTV, but they never will *sigh* smh

  2. Kankuro’s voice actor switches at some point… Shortly after this first arc, I think. Unfortunately, the original VA died in 2019. I don’t think his replacement is too noticeably different though.