Naruto Shippuden 05 Reaction

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    1. while that’s where the pacing picks up there are some good bits on the way. sasori fight has some great parts and the 4 tails bit is also great so while paced horribly there will be some good bits.

  1. The reason there is no guns in Naruto is kinda hit on during the discussion but its cause of how this world developed its conflict technology, there would be no point in developing early firearms in this world cause it would be so out classed and pointless by ninja of the time that technology just never caught on. When it comes to One Piece the vast majority of every day people are pretty average we just follow those who are very powerful, even in the eps of One Piece they have watched Luffy and Zoro fight a whole towns garrison pretty much and its not even that hard for them but the average bandit in that world couldn’t do that.

  2. I actually admire that they are doing it one episode a week. It’s as if Im reliving that specific part of my childhood but instead of watching it by myself I can see how other people react too.
    Plus we can see how they break the individual episodes.

  3. Loving the reactions, but would strongly urge you guys start watching 2 per week, not just for the fans, but also for yourselves. There are about 300 canon episodes, if y’all continue at this rate it’ll take 6 YEARS to finish Shippuden, and while it’s amazing overall, there are a lot of overlapping episodes/slow paced episodes; doing 2 per week will be much more enjoyable. Even if you want to have content to milk out, 3 years instead of 6 is a much more reasonable pace imo, it’s a win-win situation

    1. At least someone else has sense. I was hoping they would’ve uploaded like the Normies and do 2 every week. I know the Normies happy they listened to their fans, because it got them through a lot of recap/slow episodes. I honestly forgot there were so many.