Naruto Shippuden 07 Reaction

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      1. Hmm it’s almost like that’s what we had to do in the first place….except we wont have to deal with fillers here….seems better to me

  1. Damn Eric wants to see Sasori as much as I wanna see Eric see Sasori
    Bro this arc is gonna have some amazing reactions, next half of the year is gonna be fun af

    1. Agreed! This whole story line is developing a very strange fetish in Eric lol… “I NEED TO SEE HIM NAKED!” 🤣
      Each new Sasori reveal is gonna be amazing to watch them watch!

  2. Lol they have been doing once per week for almost all of there reactions and since they’ve been doing Naruto people are wanting to watch it differently like it’s the holy grail of reactions.

  3. My God, will you people stop complaining? I’d like it if they did two per week as well, but they have made it clear they don’t intend to, so just shut up already. If you don’t wanna pay for their reactions, you need only wait a few weeks for them and you’ll get them for free. They have the right to decide the pace at which they watch the series, so quit pestering them about it and either enjoy their reactions or wait for them to get to a part in the series that you enjoy and then binge their reactions.