Naruto Shippuden 08 Reaction

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  1. it’s so painful waiting a whole week for so little to happen. i feel like this one episode a week thing is going to kill the show for at least one of the four within the next 100 episodes. it’s going to take them SIX years to finish this show and that’s without the filler included. there is just no logical reasoning for their current schedule

      1. Deff Aaron and Calvin, they dont seem to enjoy it. They would rather talk about pink elephants, and talk over the entire episode whilst Eric and Rick are focusing.

      1. well the movies are filler and are shit… they watched one and already are referencing it sometimes and have to remind themselfves that it wasn’t canon

  2. How can the comments of these reactions keep crying about the same thing for over 100 episodes now. Just give it up or stop watching, they aren’t changing their schedule.

  3. Abdul nobody is paying “good money” for 1 episode a week, since they have plenty of other shows every day. If you’re paying 15 a month just to watch Naruto thats a you problem.