Naruto Shippuden 09 Reaction

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  1. So shikaku wasnt the monk himself, shikaku was something sealed inside the monk, but he was sealed in that monk for so long people misremembered the story and thought the monk was shikaku

  2. calvin is confused, there are no wolves, kakashi summons ninja hounds they literally just explained it to u. they’ve always been ninja hounds and they literally showed all of them as they mention pakkun

  3. lol calvin corrects their mistake of thinking the honored siblings are the grandparents of sasori but doesnt even realize it himself. they are siblings so no they are not both sasori’s grandparents, only chiyo. her brother would be a grand or great uncle. unless yall just glossed over the possibility of incest real quick there

  4. I really thought this was going to be the episode when they would finally realize that a Jinchūriki is the host, not the tailed beast. Oh well. lol