Naruto Shippuden 10 Reaction

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  1. Tsunade is known as the legendary sucker remember. A loser. So everytime she wins she knows its bad. Like when she was winning and then ran into Orochimaru.

  2. Eric is so excited for Lee haha i feel bad for even alluding to stuff but please dampen expectations. I fear Kishimoto learned from the first Naruto run not to overshadow the main characters with side characters to the extent Lee did.

  3. not spoiling anything seriously, but i cannot wait to see youre guys reaction to Guy, im so glad you guys love him as a character, given time he’ll become one of your favorites whether you knew it or not.

  4. If the guys don’t read the comments, someone should really give them this clarification :
    – jinchuuriki means power of human sacrifice; it refers to the host of the demons. It has a double meaning in that the body is sacrificed as a recipient for the sealing and that they are tasked with the burden of containing a tailed beast. The monk was the previous host of Shukaku.

    – the demons, like the kyuubi or the ichibi (Shukaku) are refered as tailed beast or bijuu. Bi is the tail and the prefix is the number of them (kyuu = 9 and ichi = 1).

    In this episode, they say sealing because they plan to trap (seal) the Shukaku in the wooden statue, ripping it from it’s host, Gaara.

    Love the in depth discussion.