Naruto Shippuden 11 Reaction

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  1. They could do 2 eps for Shippuden and back to 1 episode/week for Boruto. I’m pretty sure they will watch it to see Hokage Naruto which will take 10+ yrs with this schedule.

    1. They will never do two per week (with exception to next week or so where we will get a bonus episode for the one missed for covid at least as far I last heard from the discord). Also I really doubt they will watch boruto since it’s a separate series nobody likes. (It could be voted for in polls) “Shippuden” is not a new series it’s just Naruto (the manga does not divide it into two series there’s just a timeskip, only the anime pretends it’s a new show)

      1. The anime doesn’t even really pretend it’s a new show, it’s just an added subheading to denote a significant change in story or character, which isn’t uncommon in anime. In this case it just denotes that this part of the series takes place after the time skip. Pokémon does it whenever there’s a region change, and Dragon Ball did it with Z and Super to denote the different periods of Goku’s life Dragon Ball for his childhood, Z for his adulthood, and Super for him being a grandparent

    2. They won’t do 2 episodes a week no matter how many times people ask. I also don’t think they will do Boruto on their own, because it means giving up their personal choice slot for an unknown amount of time. They also tend to reserve that slot of shows that are personal picks but don’t do as well on polls and shows that do really well on the yearly poll, but might not do as well on the replacement poll

      1. Sadly, the thing about 1 episode per week is that it feels boring for us viewers. The pacing is slow and it has a lot of fillers. Many of us will wait for them to finish it and come back a few years later and binge their reaction to it. The 2 episode weekly is rewarding though, both rttv and the normies Patreon peaked doing multiple episodes of Shippuden with 100k+ views yt.

        1. I’ve been saying the same thing! RTTV and The Normies views and subscribers jumped up massivelly once they started doing multiple episodes a week. I’m part of few that will wait for Blindwave to reach a certain episode then binge it, because of their pacing. It sucks that they won’t take it into consideration like the Normies. Look at where they are now because they listened to their fans.

  2. The rings meanings are not really important, they relate to the Akatsuki characters in various (spoiler-y) ways in a relation to Chinese and Japanese mythology.

    Their importance in the show is that the Akatsuki wear them on the finger of which they stand on the statue for the ritual, and there are can theories about the rings existing as part of the ritual or for various other (potentially spoiler-y) things.

  3. I know they won’t do it, but honestly 2x a week naruto would be way better and more worth subscribing for. At this pace it’ll take about 10 weeks to just get to episode 21. I’d honestly wouldn’t mind paying more, if it meant that we could get more Naruto reactions weekly. This is a huge show and at this pace it’ll take 10 years to finish lol