Naruto Shippuden 119 Reaction

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        1. Who gives a shit what the anime did? They were awful while in production, constantly changing or adding bullshit. Manga is the canon story.

          1. It’s bad enough we only get 1 episode a week. I love blindwave but I hate when they do stuff like this. personally this arch is one of my least favorite so yeah I’m pissed they’re starting here..but all u kakashi stans gonna d ride this smh

          2. Since this is first in the manga this is how the story is supposed to be consumed, how it originally came out in anime form doesn’t matter. I’m sorry you don’t like the Kakashi Arc but quite a few do and the crew seemed to enjoy this episode as well. If you don’t like it hold off on subscribing for a month until they get to the content you want to see.

    1. everbody i know who has watched naruto, their fav arc was always with kakashi so what we are going to watch. So emotional. But everybodys taste is diffrent

        1. Yes there’s no shippuden manga but there is a shippuden show meaning its a new series ,they’re reacting to the show not the manga lol

  1. The whole point of the patreon is a max 4plus episodes ahead of youtube. if they gave us 4 more episodes we’d be 8 ahead of youtube. Unless you seriously expect them to upload this to youtube while simultaneously still uploading the naruto reactions lmao

  2. For everyone saying why are they starting here, because this is how the manga went. If you want to say this isn’t the manga well bad luck to you because they have been watching it how it was played out in the manga the whole time. Shinppuden took a lot of liberties when it came to the Anime, to part 2 of Naruto so im glad they are watching it how it was ment to be.

  3. glad we are hear but ill say it again guys we will be watching these reaction for about 5 years if you dont do more than 1ep at a time
    please dont forget most epople have already seen the show we just want to watch you guys so dont makes us go through the original run time again

  4. I don’t mind them starting here if it’s “in order of the manga” which I never read, but I would’ve liked them to watch the first episode or two maybe just to see Naruto returning and what everyone looks like and what’s going on, I forget how the episodes in this arc go but if there’s no returning to the current time in any these, maybe they’ll get back to the beginning episodes and whatnot….