Naruto Shippuden 13 Reaction

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  1. I wished they loved their supporters enough to continue dropping two a week, but they don’t lol….they could at least do it for the $15 patrons only.

  2. Doc anime
    Of course they live their supporters but you know what they love even more? Moneeeeey 💵🤑
    So they’re gonna milk the shit out of these reactions and never do double drops except this week
    That’s how it works and that’s why, I don’t pay for this, this is completely ridiculous

    1. Why are you Naruto fans so fucking toxic? Their Patreon is not like a Netflix subscription Patreon is for supporting the creators stop expecting something from them when they told you what you’re gonna get years ago.

  3. Something to note about the power scaling that may address the deadlock “Akatsuki losing here would be disappointing and our heros cannot lose just yet”. It was mentioned that to keep the ritual going, Kisame and Itachi needed to leave 30% of their chakra with the rest of the Akatsuki. It is a preemptive way of saying “if they lose it is because they were nerfed and at 1 VS many”.

  4. I love when they have discussions and most of it is pointless once the truth comes out. The remembering of Kisame and beating them meaning they’re weak… guys guys guys… it’s not even really him, that’s why he doesn’t remember him, it’s brilliant and hilarious and can’t be predicted because we’ve never seen them do “that jutsu,” before 😂.

    Harvest his eye balls ehh? Yeah someone should have done that 😏 someone remind Rick that he called that when we get to the Danzo episodes in 12 years 😂