Naruto Shippuden 14 Reaction

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  1. So lee and guy don’t wear weighted training clothes. Lee did wear weights under his leg warmers but the orange leg warmers themselves aren’t weighted. And there’s nothing saying he still wears them or that guy sensei isn’t past that sort of training already. So assuming he is weighted down is just an assumption with no hints toward that being the case. Also the ring has nothing to do with the genjutsu itachi used. All the Akatsuki members have a ring. Itachi is so skilled with genjutsu he can cast it with just a finger without needing hand signs

  2. I believe the reason Itachi can cast their genjutsu with just their finger is actually quite simple yet clever.

    Itachi wears nail polish, polished nails are quite reflective, relations can hold a gaze. Thus angling the finger to line up the view so that looking at the nail means also looking at the eye. Genius.