Naruto Shippuden 16 Reaction

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  1. why don’t they listen to the community? They’d be episode 32 right now and on the next arc. 1 episode per week might not be boring to them but it is to us viewers.

  2. Cuz they don’t care about their Patreons/Subscribers opinions, they just want to milk these reactions as much as possible so they can make more money, that’s what it is!
    But the funny part is that they are also bored lol, Calvin looks bored af in every reaction but let’s pretend I guess…

    1. Agree. Just the thought of how many years before we reach the Ninja War Arc? lol

      They could have shelf out the Ben10 Reaction series (do people actually watch that?) for a 2 days marathon or just a double Naruto episode per day instead.

      If they did that they could have reached the 1M Subscribers in 1 or 2 months simply because of the amount of nostalgia and how popular the Naruto series was.
      Especially now due to the negative backlash of the Boruto series are having, that some old fans are rewatching the original Naruto series like me. Still free publicity for the series overall.

      Unfortunately, they don’t deserve the 1M subscribers right now. I even doubt if they will be able to reach the 1M target this year because of these very poor choices/practices.

        1. Man imagine being such children that you are paying people $15 a month to cry about how they’ve made their content since they started. Or the fact that crying about it will do literally nothing seeing how people since Naruto Reaction #1 have gone “Make my show the special one that even though you’re reacting to 9 other things that also are 4 weeks ahead I feel like Im special and deserve to be 8 weeks ahead even though that just encourages other fans to do the same thing and most reaction channels work this way or even if I got what I wanted Id just turn around and go YOU NEED TO WATCH 3 A WEEK.”

          1. Imagine telling people who paid for something they can’t criticize it. And here’s a little surprise for you, if a reaction is bad it doesn’t matter how far ahead you are in watching it.

          2. @ Exan & @Lawliet I actually don’t mind them watching Ben 10, the show is dope, but they could do more with Naruto definitely because of it’s pacing. I wished they listened to their supporters like the Normies do (their almost done), hell even if they didn’t do two a week, they could at least surprise their fans with a random double drop every now and then or listen when we suggest they do two episodes together. (EX: Rock Lee vs Gaara) ….. Why drag this series out when they could get it over with faster so that they can free up a reaction slot? I used to want them to react to Bleach or One Piece, but I hope they never do if they’re going to drag it out.

            @ Westley what the point of replying? They’re customers and they can complain and have opinions. To be honest it’s not hard to think that Blindwave is milking the series. I mean honestly there’s nothing holding them back from doing at least 2 uploads a week like The Normies!….and yes I know ppl are gonna say “Its their channel and they can do what they want” and they are right, but Blindwave knew this was coming when they decided to do Naruto with that upload schedule . (And for anyone saying that they’ve never done multiple uploads for any show, just know that they have. They uploaded Avatar The Last Airbender twice a week until completion. They only stopped because they finished the show too quickly smh) Ever since then it’s been One A Week for everything.

        2. I don’t mind Aaron being there only because i feel like Aaron and Calvin would have no problem doing multiple episodes of Naruto. It’s mainly Eric who doesn’t mind just sticking to doing only one per week

  3. Y’all ever heard the term “speak with your wallet”? If y’all don’t like this pace then stop paying for the Patreon sub. The fact that they are skipping filler means they are still going faster than the show itself when it first aired. If you waited thru that, then you can wait thru this.

  4. Y’all talking about they are milking this show? This show milked itself with tons of pacing issues, flashbacks, and hundreds of filler episodes. Y’all mad at them for how poorly executed this anime was.

  5. But why are they skipping the fillers ?
    I thought the idea behind the one episode per week thing was to get the same experience we got back in the day, that’s how Eric justifies it right
    If they want to experience that, they shouldn’t be skipping fillers cuz that’s how it was for us
    Anyway, I just wanted to point out that they are pretty inconsistent in their way of doing things but like you said, money comes first so they gotta make money, I just wish they could listen their patreons once in while but they don’t care and that is pretty unfortunate
    I feel like, there isn’t any communication/interaction between them and us the subscribers

  6. They do one a week cuz they all have lives outside of making reaction videos and they’re reacting to like 15 different things every week plus streaming etc… They’re skipping filler cuz it doesn’t add anything to the plot as a whole, and often times occurs in the middle of important story points and disrupts the flow of the series dramatically. They did a 3 episode drop of Andor cuz Andor released 3 episodes at once, and they always do up to a 5 episode drop every time they start a new show. If you don’t like the way they do things, or don’t like one or multiple of the crew, there’s nothing forcing you to pay $15 a month to be here just so you can spew toxicity in the comments.

  7. When Eric got upset about them putting the beast into the baby and I’m just sitting here yelling a justification at the screen… I am invested Blind Wave, invested.