Naruto Shippuden 17 Reaction

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    1. Andor released 3 episodes at once, and they are all lifelong star wars nerds. They’re gonna watch the damn premier, stop complaining about single releases because they literally only ever do multiple episodes when it’s a new season premiere of a current series that aired all at once

      1. to be fair, when naruto shippuden aired on live tv did lots of double-drop episodes. about 1/4 of all the episodes were a two-episode airing. by y’alls logic, those episodes should be reacted to and released together as well.

        1. They watch tons of shows every day, they literally do not have enough time in the day to add another episode. Keep in mind that it’s not just the 23 minute reaction, but also the discussion afterwards, plus anytime it takes for setup and breaks between recording reactions. And once they do double-drops for one show you know people are going to beg for another show to have two episodes a week. I’d rather these guys not work crazy hours and continue to enjoy making videos instead of being overworked and burnt out.

    1. You should see the titles of Isekai manga/anime these past few years.. lol

      They say that it was due to most Japanese disliked vagueness and are demanding a bit more detail about the plot based on the titles before they purchase or consume it.

    2. Because, in Japan the mangas would have been read LONG before the actual anime aired. Manga isn’t as popular in the west as it is in the east. The Japanese are just excited to see their favorite comic books get adapted to TV. Much like comic book nerds already know the general story of DC/Marvel movies and shows.

  1. I don’t really care if they watch Baruto really, but Himawari with Shikaku made me so happy. I hope someone at least shows them a video of the best of it or something for us to see.