Naruto Shippuden 20 Reaction

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  1. Ughh it’s not enough we need 2 a weeek😭❤️ Love you guys and your content so much tho! I’ve re watched your Brooklyn 99 reactions so many times I’m watching Them all in full length for the first time rn your guys laughs help me laugh so much with it 😂

  2. I hate to be that guy but so many of these upcoming episodes are such easy skips on a watch through, I hope you’ll do doubles on some of these or their not even worth watching cause barely anything happens

    1. people have been trying to warn them about the episodes and the pacing, but Eric wants to continue one a week. ( I only singled out Eric because he’s usually the main one who is always saying he’s fine doing one a week because of how he watched DBZ growing up) smh

      1. Yea I get that, however they want to watch it per their schedule is fine and one thing, I just feel like with the current delivery method to viewers (us) you can’t even be bothered to watch them as they come out, I’d be happier with slower release on eps but more at a time or something idk

  3. They’re gonna be so disappointed when they find out this clone fight is the last canon fight Rock Lee gets in the series and even then most of it was offscreen in the manga.

  4. Guys, you’ve been asking for two a week for 3 years. Only 3 more years to go! I believe in you guys.

    They’ll never switch to twice a week, but I still love all the bitching and moaning in the comments haha.

    1. I feel like people asking for more are happy viewers who want more content, and then there’s you who immediately jumps to insulting people cause that’s the only reason you can find to interact with others lol

  5. Holy shit, y’all weebs are toxic and annoying lol. This isn’t even that good of a show to warrant 2 episode a week lmao.

    It’s quite satisfying seeing so many comments are weebs begging, pleading, and still being just as disappointed as they were last week when their tired and regurgitated requests once again get simply ignored, as they should.

    If you don’t like it, go watch someone else react to this shit. It’s really that simple.