Naruto Shippuden 21 Reaction

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  1. For puppet masters controlling another person’s puppet, imagine if you knew the ins and outs of a specific game but then played a similar but ultimately different game. You might know the general controls but you don’t know how every item works or how things interact with each other. If a puppet master tries to control a puppet they aren’t familiar with their experience might allow them to control general movements based on a guess. But unless they had time to familiarize themselves with the puppets inner workings, mechanisms, traps, and tricks then they wouldn’t know how to make it do the special stuff that it could.

    This leads into Chiyo controlling Sakura. Chiyo doesn’t know what Sakura’s body can and can’t do nor what her attacks are. Chiyo also can’t treat Sakura like one of her puppets either since her range of motion is a lot more limited than a puppet. Chiyo is mostly likely just controlling general movements and can’t control Sakura’s fine motor skills, such as her fingers or force her muscles to constrict/contract. Sakura is very good at working with other people so I think Chiyo is just giving guidance on Sakura’s actions and Sakura is trusting Chiyo and following her lead. Sakura is also very skilled at chakra control so I imagine she could interpret how much or little she should move based on how much Chiyo does or doesn’t pull on the chakra threads. Ultimately, Sakura is still in control of her body because she still has the autonomy to attack when she wants. She can also dodge and guard without Chiyo, hence how she avoided the arms without Chiyo’s help.

    So Sakura is still doing quite a lot. It’s not all just Chiyo. If Sakura wasn’t able to keep calm and accidently flinched or moved involuntarily on her own then she would’ve been poisoned already.