Naruto Shippuden 22 Reaction

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    1. The aren’t like the 3rd Kazakage and the previous scorpion man one, those are Human Puppets, the “Mother and Father” are actual Puppets, made from like wood and whatever else materials that are used to make them? Sasori’s parents were killed in one of the Wars, by Kakashi’s dad. And little Sasori made the Puppet versions of his parents, because he was lonely.

  1. Regarding parental authority, I think It’s pretty common with traumatic experiences to seek out conflict with your parents if already have some negative experiences built up, or at least you’re less likely to hesitate when meeting them in conflict. also we have more to learn about chiyo and sasor so theres more character to grow

    1. Naruto can be pretty boring at times tbh….. This part drones out for about 15 episode IIRC, the constant back and forth in between fights can also makes it difficult to have a specific investment in certain fights due to the breaking up in momentum.

  2. I remember hating the pacing of this arc when in retrospect but I couldn’t remember why I wasn’t so bothered by it to begin with. Now I see why. They do just enough cool stuff and progress with the Sasori fight to keep the viewer interested that it over shadows the fact that nothing else is happening with the other characters. Naruto and Kakashi are literally on a treadmill and just because the puppet fight is so cool that the serotonin flood in my dumb brain makes me completely forget to be upset by the pacing

  3. Quick reminder for you guys, Sasori didn’t turn his parents into puppets, they were killed during one of the great ninja wars (i believe it was the second) by Kakashi’s father “The White Fang”. Sasori merely created normal puppets that resembled his parents. This was stated when Naruto’s team first arrived at the Sand Village.

    One of the many instances were we see how grey the context of this Ninja world is.