Naruto Shippuden 24 Reaction

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  1. I knew this would take up the discussion time making these episodes extremely bare for things to talk about, the padding in this episodes is the standard for what was awful in the early days of TV anime

  2. I know I’m saying what a lot of others have said but if they reacted to more than one episode a week then they wouldn’t need to complain about the pacing of the show as much.

      1. i disagree, it would benefit them to do two a week, they would definitely get more subscribers if they would just do an extra upload and I’m not even just talking about naruto shippuden. (They could do it for Ben10 or Batman the animated series for all i care). Plus they can hurry and get this anime over with quicker so they can move on to something else. Naruto isn’t so good that it needs to be dragged out this long imo.

  3. In my opinion this is the worst arc in the entire series, with the exception of maybe one other arc, I cannot wait until they are done with it, it’s such a drag and watching it week to week… I can only imagine, the next arc is better overall but the pacing is somehow… I know it doesn’t seem possible, but after the next arc it starts getting incredible.

  4. Why make your fans sit through this torture? Just do what the Normies did and just react to 2 episodes a week at least!!! If you think this is slow, just wait until later arcs. Naruto is cool and all, but its not good enough to make ppl wait 5more years until completed. There could be other long animes that could be getting reacted to if Naruto wasn’t taking so long to finish.

  5. Has anyone calculated how many years it’s going to take for them to finish the series? What is it, something like 5 or 6? My patreon money would be better spent waiting a few years then subbing and binging the reaction vids at this rate!

  6. Whilst they COULD do more than one ep a week – we couldnt when it came out AND we had to deal with the BS Filler episodes ….
    One a week of CANON, I think I can Deal …