Naruto Shippuden 26 Reaction

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    1. Meeting Yamato and I guess Sai, but more for Yamato, and then Naruto vs Orchimaru, even though it takes like 3 episodes for the transformation, and I guess seeing Sasuke? Even though the Anime already shown you the best parts of the meeting. And then, that’s when the Anime finally finds it’s way, with the massive filler arcs, that allow the pacing to drastically improve for the Canon stuff.

  1. Yeah after this it’s going to be awhile before we get any descent fight (If you don’t count what happens at Tenchi Bridge). Like what Watson said above the next big thing will be the zombie combo but that’s quite a ways off.

  2. Smh the fact that we had to wait this long to just get peak sakura content….if they think the pacing was an issue this arc, I can’t wait for them to get further along. Then they’ll understand why ppl said do at least two episodes.

  3. Loved how this arc gave Sakura so much screentime and more important stuff to do. That means she’s going to be alot more important and relevant for the rest of the show right?

  4. Okay so 14 weeks until Tenchi Bridge fight begins, 11 weeks after that is Reunion, then depending on filler, probably around 12 weeks after that for Hidan…god the pacing on this show