Naruto Shippuden 28 Reaction

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  1. This episode was like 4 pages of a chapter. I would legitamately just skipped this one and just shown then the sakura and chiyo bit that actually mattered

  2. Guys I love ya but Levi would literally not stand a chance against Lee, the power levels are just miles apart. Lee can crush boulders with his bare hands and is so much faster then Levi even using the ODM gear. Add in the gates and Levi literally would become a puddle before he could blink.

    1. Not really. Many of us skipped fillers even as it aired. In Japan they would make big trailer announcements whenever the fillers were ending so many of the fans could return as they saw a huge dip in views during those filler arcs. I mean, that will be the real experience I guess. Views will dip if they do the fillers as many don’t wanna watch those. Personally I waited till fillers were done and binged them to skip boring parts but get the idea of wtf happened, however since I was watching as they aired in Japan it was all digital and I could do this.

  3. I wonder if they see the irony in them complain about episodes just dragging on to fill in episodes, while reacting to those episodes to drag out the subscriptions.

  4. The fact that this is the first and last fight/development for Lee’s in Shippuden is disappointing. The way the story start forgetting these characters is sad

  5. EPISODES like these are why I say do two a week. Not because Naruto is just better than anything else they’re reacting to, but because there a many more episodes like this in the future. Naruto really starts to drag at times. Ask the Normies, their reactions say it all.

  6. This episode will never not be funny to me. The clone fight is 100% canon to the manga, but is never shown so the anime was free to fill in the blank with whatever they wanted. They could have made it some crazy badass fight, but instead opted for this ridiculous drawn out fight where the solution is something only Guy and Lee could come up