Naruto Shippuden 29 Reaction

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    1. Lmao, well that’s gonna take about 8 years, assuming they keep doing 1 episode per week still, I don’t think Naruto Shippuden was a good idea for a reaction, unless they do 2-3 episodes per week at least.

      1. people have been saying that for years but they (Eric) won’t change his stance lol. Smh they’ re gonna realize within the next few arcs why some people have been saying to do at the minimum 2 a week. Shippuden is gonna be dragging certain episodes out for no reason. Hell I’ll even take them doing 2 episodes every other week. Just so they can speed this up and move on to something else.

        1. The logic of once a week because that’s how it was released when it originally aired is in theory a good and sound reason. but what blind wave seems to not know or ommit is that virtually every 3rd or 4th week naruto shippuden would do a double episode drop making the once-a-week argument invalid in it’s current structure

          1. Bro you’re making things up lmao. That has never been the reasoning. It’s once a week because that’s how they react to all their shows. Once a week. They did twice a week for a show once and heavily disliked it. It has nothing to do with how it originally aired.

          2. they happily do double or triple episodes of star wars shows all the time so i dont see why they cant do that for naruto

        1. I’m all for them doing 1 per week solely out of spite at this point. They talk about how they wonder if Kakashi’s face will ever be revealed so I comment when the reveal is (because I think they have someone look at the comments for specifically this kind of info.), and I get 4 people crying about how these 4 grown men aren’t watching enough cartoons is just beyond stupid.

  1. Just be glad it isn’t One Piece in terms of number of episodes lol but to be fair I would rather watch OP. Still enjoyed this episode it shows off Kakashi’s new sharingan.

  2. I wish they remembered what Itachi said about the mangekyou sharingan it woulda made a much better discussion. I remember the first time I watched the episode all I could think about was who Kakashi killed.

  3. So essentially, both Itachi and Kakashi have the Mangekyo Sharingan. We learned in the end of original Naruto that you need to kill your best friend to unlock it.
    What Itachi used on Kakashi was Tsukoyomi, essentially trapping someone in a dream.
    What Kakashi used and what Itachi used are both different abilities that the Mangekyo Sharingan can do.

  4. What’s funny is how long it takes from here to get every answer… it’s so satisfying and awesome watching the war, but it’s so far away… I just want my Octopops! They’re gonna love him so much!