Naruto Shippuden 32 Reaction

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  1. You know what, this is probably one of my favourite reactions I’ve had the chance to watch, actually made me appreciate that they had been taking the story in and have been riding with how slow it is. Sadly it won’t get any less painful for a while but we have another 25 episodes to go till we hit the filler arcs which they can just skip.
    Onto the next arc, here’s the hope that they multi episode the new arcs! (Yes, I know that won’t happen, but I can believe).

  2. The cut to Lee ready for Neji to jump on his back with the honking made me laugh until I physically hurt the first time I saw it. I just kept rewinding to rewatch it over and over. I think I got hung up on it for so long that when I finally watched the rest of the episode it felt like I was watching a completely different. To the point where now I still have a hard time remembering this is all just one episode.