Naruto Shippuden 33 Reaction

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    1. Let’s make something clear, this Arc in the Manga is good, this Arc in the Anime, especially week to week isn’t fun. The story is still fine, but the pacing is the shits, and the fact that the Anime gave away like the biggest moment in this Arc in the first episode, doesn’t help.

      But, meeting Yamato and Sai, Sai’s story is interesting, Naruto transforming, Naruto vs Orchimaru, Yamato holding Naruto accountable after that fight, him telling Naruto that he himself is spiecal, and not just the Kyuubi is spiecal about him. The Sasuke encounter, these are all good things about this Arc.

      The pacing, the intro song, and knowing the outcome of the Arc beforehand, are the bad things about this Arc.

      1. While I agree that the crap pacing of the anime is the main detriment to these first two Shippuden arcs, I still think this arc isn’t very good. As you said, spoiling the meeting with Sasuke at the start of the anime didn’t help but all it really did was draw more attention to the fact that the arc’s primary mission is a complete waste of time: the characters and the audience *knew* Sasuke had gone willingly and wouldn’t come back without being forced, but then when they encounter him they don’t even have a proper fight and it’s treated like some sort of surprise that he’s still a dick who’s with Orochimaru willingly. Total anticlimax. Sure, Sai and Yamato are fairly interesting characters and the continuing Nine Tails build up is good but that’s just a small amount pleasant garnish to a very bland, redundant central plot.

        This is personal for me as well since, no joke, this was the last arc I watched while the show was still current; the (IMO) lacklustre nature of the previous arc followed by this even more mediocre one made me give up on the show for a decade before I decided to go back and binge it when the show was finally finished.

        1. That’s crazy maybe I enjoyed it because I was still in middle school and had an accident and these epsides helped keep me entertained. Didn’t know there was so much hate keeping people away from the series for 10 years.

    2. The only thing that interests me is to see their reaction for the fight between Naruto and Orochimaru. This arc does indeed bore me but does add story I just prefer the fighting.

    1. Considering he was made to be a replacement and analog to the second most op character on the show, yet fans, for the most part, did not care for him makes sense why he would get relegated to sideline character rather quickly.