Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Reaction

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      1. Entitled maybe, but I can understand why people are upset. We’re going into the final arc of part 1 with one of the best fights In all of anime! Naruto is already a long series, so a week delay kinda hurts. But overall there are bigger issues in the world

        1. You understand those entitled fvcks but not the fact that blindwave crew said from the very beginning of this reaction that there will be moments where they will put off naruto. How did you miss that info? It was the first few minutes of episode 1 reaction. Just be glad they gave us a movie.

          1. “how did you miss that info” — “how”? i mean missing/forgetting some statement blind wave made a thousand reactions ago isn’t the most incomprehensible thing

  1. It’s kinda bs that they aren’t watching this on Friday like all other movie reactions but for this one they had to replace a naruto episode makes zero sense

  2. I love that they’re doing the movie in fact all of the Naruro movies are worth a watch. What I am mad about though is that they say they don’t have time for 2 episodes a week yet they watch a movie which is 3-4 times as long.

      1. They never said they didn’t have time. They said they wanted to react to it once a week like how the show was released or aired. Which it was originally aired once a week on Saturday at like 8:30. I remember I watched it in 8th grade.

        1. Which doesn’t make sense the biggest complaint of everyone watching at that time was the pacing and fillers because they had to watch week by week thats the one thing everyone hated

  3. Honestly I’d prefer they just watch the next episode, I don’t see why they can’t post this another time, for doctor who they dropped special videos on the days leading up to a big episode, ah well wait another week

  4. God I love this movie, as well as the others. They just bring out the best in each character with top tier animation to boot. Hope they react to all of them.

  5. I really support this choice! This gives them a better idea of the better pacing in Naruto/Shippuuden and to me it seems this gave them the spark to really start enjoying the show 🙂

    1. Straight up, they’ve spent the near 100 episodes of near terrible pacing, letting them watch something better paced is surely gonna improve their thoughts on the series.

      As much as I love the original series (even moreso than Shippuden), nostalgia’s one of the only reasons I can even be bothered to watch it.

    1. I mean they watch these out of obligation. The fact that they’re 100 episodes in and the show is in their C tier rank is kind of telling.

      Having the movies show Naruto in in a way that’s both better paced, and with better animation, is a straight positive.

      I’d rather the guys find enjoyment in the series in someway then just slogging through the anime, not enjoying it, just to get to next episode with a decent budget behind it.

  6. Man, it’s cool that they watch the movies, but why does Naruto get this by default when we have to vote four times for them to watch all of F/SN lol. But oh well if they enjoy Naruto way more that understandable i guess, the more they like it, the better the reactions

  7. Nah I’m so glad y’all reacted to this and I hope you react to the rest of them in the future as well! If I could I’d want 5 episodes a week but don’t listen to the entitled assholes complaining, do what you guys do best

  8. Y’all should just release reactions to half an episode every week just to make these comments even more fun to read every Tuesday lol love the reaction as always

  9. I don’t know how far you guys are with Naruto on your Patreon but I would suggest you guys react to the short filler arc (episode 102 – 106) because it has a nice Star Wars reference in it and I know ho much you guys love Star Wars.

  10. Hopefully they’ll consider watching the other 2 naruto movies as well. Especially if they dnt plan on watching shippuden. The stone of gellel movie is my least favorite of the 3 but still worth a watch. Guardians of the crescent moon kingdom is probably my favorite tho so if they do any more naruto movies, i hope its that one.