Obi-Wan Kenobi 1×2 Reaction

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  1. If I’m being 100% honest. I wasn’t all that impressed with these first 2 episodes. It’s great seeing Ewan back as Obi but everything else was just kinda “Meh”. Personally I thought the actress playing Leia was horrible. And the writing for her character…. Man I didn’t think writers still wrote child characters like this anymore. I swear her “running away” scenes were written and filmed like they were straight out of 3 Ninjas or Babys Day Out. I’m still looking forward to future episodes but I am hoping they focus more on Obi and less on Leia and the 3rd Sister (Riva I think) because they were definitely low points for me.

    1. What’s wrong with 3 Ninjas and Babys Day Out? Leia is great as a child actor can get, what do you want? Maybe the problem is you.
      This show is easily best out of all star war tv show, because it’s more close to Star Wars than all of them,

    2. if you watch the reaction they easily explain and layout why she started running because she sees that he is wanted and doesn’t really know who he is, also the kid isn’t that bad of an actor in my opinion she does feel like a little Leia.

    3. You’re absolutely correct. Most of the scenes with young Leia are very cringy and terribly written. They definitely need to move away from Leia and any other previously established characters honestly apart from maybe Owen and the main inquisitor.

  2. I think its really stupid that they “killed” the grand inquisitor when we all know the same guy is alive later. it just seem dumb especially when he is just gonna come back because that have 2 stomachs or something stupid