Obi-Wan Kenobi 1×4 Reaction

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  1. Man you can tell Rick is not enjoying a show when after the reaction they have an hour long discussion and Rick barely says 5 words the entire time.

  2. Irks me a *little* bit that Rick (who showed very little interest in the episode anyway) was the reason we had no Fallen Order discussion. I was so looking forward to it since I watched the episode! Couldn’t Rick have left the room for the conversation like how Calvin and or Rick left the room during Clone Wars/Rebels discussions in case of spoilers? By the time Rick gets round to Fallen Order (because clearly that’s no rush) the Kenobi talk will be long over. Maybe we get some discussion in Badonkagonk, but still, gotta say this is going to be disappointing if we continue to get references in media and BW just gloss over it.

    What happens if/when certain Fallen Order characters show up in the next two episodes or in Ahsoka? That’s not gonna mesh well with Rick still probably being months away from even starting FO.