One Piece 0002 Reaction

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  1. I know this is for April foos, but are there actual reactions for episodes 2-5? Or is it only for episode 1? 2-5 arent showing anything for me, but that just might be on my side

  2. Patreon has been having issues today, and the BW site is super slow and barely functioning for me. Maybe Cloudflare is having issues, or itt could be something else. But most likely it’s temporary technical difficulties. Anyone having issues should wait a bit and try again later.

      1. Nah, he might have spoiled it, but it will have no understood repurcussions for hundreds of episodes, so no need to worry. The spoiler will be forgotten before then

        1. It wouldn’t be the same without Rick here, and eitherway. If he wasn’t here, there would be no way to satiate his One Piece hunger for 2½ something years

    1. Not working for me either and others. Assuming it’s a temporary issue though. Could be that there are a ton of people trying to use the site at once but who knows

  3. ok i have to know if rick watched this in sub. its painfull seing luffy not be super carefree about everything. the dub makes him sound like a kid just saying shit when he says he’s gonna be king of the pirates but in the sub he just sounds so chill and matter of fact. not to mention a lot of the epic dialogue just feels wrong

    1. if you’re still wondering in the discussion rick said “i just hear zoro” talking about the voice actor, meaning he did watch it in dub to begin with

  4. Eric saying story book lol it’s great considering this came out the same time the new chapter 1045 did. Also rice balls are not rice crispies. Rice balls are literally ingredients like fish or meat wrapped in rice that’s why it’s not meant to be sweet and filled with sugar

  5. Am I mistaken or doesn’t One Piece eventually become Sub only? How would you guys handle that? I’m not sure at what point that happens I’ve mostly read the manga I only saw the anime when it was on 4Kids back in the day. One Piece is a very fun series but I dropped it around 6 years ago (or more when was Dressrosa close to ending?) because it does get a bit repetitive, specially the humor which is the main reason I loved this series, since I consider it mostly an action comedy.

    But since you guys are watching it now I guess I’ll catch up with it along with ya haha

  6. For those asking why these aren’t working for them: If you subbed to their Patreon to see this series, you’ll have to wait up to a few hours for it to sync with this site. I’ve had this problem two times before specifically with Blind Wave. It’s just how it is, but you’ll get your content after a short wait.