One Piece 0003 Reaction

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  1. the fuck, buggy the immortal? what kind of translation screw up is that. man the dub sucks. still happy for this reaction but this is the only one i ever thought should be subbed this is just heart breaking. its buggy D fucking clown

  2. Santoryu literally just means 3 sword style. Dragons may be involved but no one knows. Also wish Rick was a lil more informed to answer these questions or he’s holding back to not spoil. But the sub translates it for u by this episode as 3 sword style. Nitoryu is 2 sword style, and itoryu is one sword style. Also the grand line and red line were explained better. Just think of them as the Mediterranean line and the equator they literally split the world unlike our imaginary lines

  3. also watch the filler until after episode 400. g8, rainbow mist (probably confusing that one for the sea horse), the character arc filler after alabasta, buggys adventure, cobys adventure, theres so much good filler its not like other anime. they keep it mostly short and fits perfectly unlike naruto that throws in so much filler in the middle of an epic battle/war