One Punch Man 2×7 Reaction

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  1. Gouketsu is agreed upon to be “high dragon” which mean he is one of the strongest dragon level among the rest of threat level: dragon.
    Only a few class S hero would be able to beat him. (About 5-7 class s could beat him 1vs1)

  2. You saw all S-Class hereos last season except for Metal Knight and the number 1 Hero Blast and they mentioned Garou last season too. BTW recommend reading the Manga the character drawings are more detailed and the jokes work better especially at the tournement for example all the names of the fighting styles that are introduced at the beginning of this tournement are jokes on the Character they represent, like Sunflower Dojo’s Gentle Self Defense is the fighting style of a Person who looks like a giant teddy bear or Multi Hit Style is from a guy named Gatlin in the manga you have time to read them and see the picture to it while in all these are introduced in a flash. which doesnt mean the anime is bad, its pretty good but the manga is on a different level