Parasite Movie Reaction

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  1. i assume she is 16 but could be 15, either way the age of consent in korea is 13 (15 in korea) in most east asian countries we count from conception so when you are born you are actually 1 and no matter your birth DATE everyone ages a year i think may 21st? so if you are born december 2020, you will be 2 by may 2021. at least that was the age before 2020 aka when this film was made and even with the law changing its going to take much longer for SOCIETY to change i.e. accepting of trans rights. so, culturally and legally da-hye is the appropriate age, min was just waiting for her to be in university to be with her. maybe because she would no longer be his student then? or a maturity thing since he said he wants to date her seriously.

  2. its better if they DONT explain why they are poor. everyone is poor for different reasons, this makes it more accessible vs “i got a disease” or “im in debt via gambling”.

  3. thats not a culture thing, thats a rich thing. money can buy you an exempt from everything in any country. we will never know about non famous rich people BUT famous koreans put military off as long as they can and they usually only get desk duty aka super easy and segregated

  4. Ram Don i feel is a version of Don with noodles instead of rice. Don is usually a cheap dish. watch shokugeki no soma/food wars and u’ll learn more about it just thinking about it makes me drool. eric would love it.

    also what was with that stack of condoms down in the basement safehouse where the hobbo husband was staying on some spike. if koreans keep their condoms like that no wonder everyone has children. but seriously they showed it and it never meant anything

    1. Ram-Don is actually the translated name for the dish Jjapaguri! Jjapaguri is just two brands of instant noodles cooked together, Jjapaghetti (RAMen noodles w/ black bean flavor) and Neoguri (uDON noodles w/ spicy seafood flavor).

  5. Bong Joon Ho the director has said himself that Tarantino was one of his biggest inspirations and that he was one of the few directors praising his work early in his career prior to becoming famous.