Ratatouille Movie Reaction

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  1. This is one of my favorite reactions you guys have done. The animation, music, story. It’s just a fun fun movie. Outside of Incredibles probably my favorite Pixar film. Glad you guys enjoyed it 🙂

  2. btw for restaurants stars come from Michelin ( yes the tyre company, it’s similar to Guinness and records ) they have special ”inspectors” that come to the restaurant without announcement and rate them on many categories. And as far as I know stars are accumulated, not rated like 3/5 so a 5 star restaurant is good and has to stay good to keep them.

  3. I’m fairly certain that ratatouille was popular after the film released. It is essentially a vegetable stew. I did start making ratatouille after this film and it is delicious (a bunch of chopped up vegetables like zucchinis, tomatoes, and eggplant baked in an oven) but I made it like the film which was super time consuming. There are many different ways to make it but it that aren’t fancy like the film 🙂 If you ever bring back Cooking with Blind Wave…

  4. Everything about this movie is just so comforting!! I love to watch it during the holidays since it involves family and food lol:) I’m glad you enjoyed!

  5. You can also put garlic in the microwave for 20 seconds to unpeel it (Thanks for your knwoledge Hoshi <3)
    Ratatouille definitely became more popular, it's also usually chunks of veggies rather than slices like was shown but it was haute cuisine so its gotta be pretty as well as tasty

  6. I love you guys taking this seriously, it was an entirely enjoyable discussion to watch.

    I don’t think most expensive food looks good in real life… a restaurant like this usual looks tasteless to me 🤣 anime usually shows delicious cheaper homemade food with sauces and such.