Re:Zero 1×11 Reaction

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  1. Rem and Ram are 18, Subaru’s 18th birthday is in 2 month so he is 17, Emilia looks 19 but that’s her physical age only, Reinhardis 19, Felt is 15, Elsa Granhiert 23 and Roswaal L Mathers is 29.

      1. If you are talking about young miss great spirit she was designed to be a child both body and soul because her mom is immoral B who thought that she will live for ever. I don’t care if people lewd our little spirit she is 2d and not real but in the show, books and the original (web novel) she is a child doesn’t get Sexualized. and children are self centered monsters who wants the parents attentions all for themselves which makes her so accurate XD.

    1. Rem is definitely fantastic, especially in the first season I don’t know if I could have chosen Emilia especially after one of the conversations. But in S2 I definitely started to like Emilia a lot more. But I am still pissed that something hasn’t been said to him after EVERYTHING, I mean come ON lol.