Re:Zero 1×11 Reaction

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  1. Rem and Ram are 18, Subaru’s 18th birthday is in 2 month so he is 17, Emilia looks 19 but that’s her physical age only, Reinhardis 19, Felt is 15, Elsa Granhiert 23 and Roswaal L Mathers is 29.

      1. If you are talking about young miss great spirit she was designed to be a child both body and soul because her mom is immoral B who thought that she will live for ever. I don’t care if people lewd our little spirit she is 2d and not real but in the show, books and the original (web novel) she is a child doesn’t get Sexualized. and children are self centered monsters who wants the parents attentions all for themselves which makes her so accurate XD.