Re:Zero 1×12 Reaction

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  1. I cannot believe you picked up on Al (the knight) being from another world, that’s really impressive. It’s not revealed in the show but it is revealed in the books where this episode takes place

    1. Wow I honestly didn’t notice until I just rewatched this episode with them because in the dub he talks so completely different and modern from anyone else in the show and pretty hard to pick up on that difference in the sub.

  2. I… dont really know who gave you the idea that “Barusu” means “Balls” in Japanese. It doesnt

    Barusu is just a stupid metajoke. Its a switching around of syllables for Subaru, but its also a meme word because in the Ghibli film “Castle in the Sky” the word was a spell that was used at a climatic moment. In Japan it became a meme to tweet the word on Twitter when the movie was being rebroadcast on TV (I think it actually set the twitter world record for tweets per second a few years ago). Subaru only said “you make it sound like a blinding curse” cause in the Ghibli movie one of the characters was blinded by the spell when it happened