Re:Zero 1×13 Reaction

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  1. This is the one episode I always dread watching on rewatches. The secondhand embarrassment I get from Subaru’s actions here is unreal.
    That said, it does show a good job of how IMMATURE Subaru is. This is his starting point – a selfish, greedy brat. That’s clearly what this episode intends to show, after all the kingdom and royalty exposition is said and done – Subaru is immature, and needs to grow as a person before he can even pretend to protect/save anyone.
    Everything after this episode, however? Genuinely goes up from here. I can’t wait to see you all react to more of this show.

    1. This is also one of my favorites, because most shows are good on showing the story. But not the toll it takes on the character. Remember Subaru has loved Emi, but then he started dying. And dying. And dying. He started to freak out in ways he couldn’t even tell anyone because of his RFD. He wanted to tell her everything but he couldn’t and all that pent up emotion he had built up just snapped. Subaru is losing his mind from all the chaos he is going through and I feel like the show did a good job here seeing him just snap like that.

    2. yeah, this is the one episode i dont like to watch, because of how much i can see of my oldself in Subaru. But at the same time, its the episode that shows how great Nagatsukis storytelling is. How he can lure a specific type of audience and than point out the short comings of that same audience.

  2. I guess the downward spiral has begun guys. I feel like the next episodes are gonna be a bit rough to get trough, but personlly i feel like it pays of.

  3. A brash stands in front of soldiers insults their service and training, I think one of them would knock his lights out. His jealousy of Julius is very much juvenile all because Julius kissed her hand, as is customary in the kingdom.
    Even if he feels he has to repay her, even if he truly loves her, and even if she somehow knew his curse, he still didn’t respect her enough to just follow her wishes and he forces himself on others.

    This is not ecchi anime, far from it, this is isekai anime.

  4. I SERIOUSLY HATED Subaru during this arch to the point that I stopped watching for weeks. He is soo stupid, annoying, inconsiderate. How can you talk shit to a Knight that would OBVIOUSLY obliterate you. Thank god he got better but jesus he was sooo stupid it hurt my brain. And saying it was ALL thanks to him was such a douche thing to say, and ignorant since she doesn’t know half of what he said. Someone you love you don’t do this stuff around, and treat them that way. ugh.