Re:Zero 1×14 Reaction

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  1. What Wilhelm says in the original sub: “I think teaching swordsmanship, which will make a man stronger, to one who has abandoned the option to get stronger seems meaningless.” Right before Wilhelm says this, Subaru reveals that he intends to use Return By Death to make any problem he has go away. By his face, you can tell he looks crazy, and his sword fighting with Wilhelm may have been reckless. Wilhelm noticed this. So Subaru is not practicing to get stronger, because at the forefront of his mind is his desire to use Return By Death (possibly at any moment, even fighting Wilhelm right there??) to “save” Emilia.

  2. you all had good points but eric is definitely right that subaru has an unhealthy mind set at the moment. it feels like your kinda just brain storming all the different feeling that subaru is feeling at the moment and i would say your all right but i would say eric is very justified in the way he feels.

  3. I’m with Eric. During this arc I despised Subaru because he was basically being the “nice guy” but kicked up to 11. Acting like everyone OWES him as if they begged him to be there. As if he’s some sort of savior which in some cases yes I will give him credit where credit is due. But to the point of being basically possessive over Emilia as if she can’t operate without him, SMILING when he hears she’s in danger because he sees it as a chance to get her back. The amount of toxicity that was oozing from him this arc drove me so up the wall but it gets shifted into a different dynamic later on which I’m glad about.

  4. He is mentally unhinged, possibly from his normal life, and his curse. As long as he is not rewarded for his foolishness which just sends a bad message. Instead, he should be punished appropriately and he learns from it and becomes better from it.