Re:Zero 1×15 Reaction

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  1. Sleep along with my daughter, as in die. You noticed Puck’s voice when Subaru’s fingers froze off, well right at the end, the giant cat thing was Puck too, you can tell by the voice. And when he says “sleep along with my daughter,” that means Emilia is dead. And the sin archbishop of sloth is Petelgeuse

    1. You should go ahead and tell them everything that happens in season 2 while you’re at it. After all who cares about their reaction when you can just tell them what’s happening.

  2. Idk if I should laugh or cry about how many things they forget or miss remember with in the same watch of a episode -.- of course that means everything from previous episodes gets erased unfortunately XD re zero is not a light watch and it’s super demanding +.+

  3. Just like everyone else here I liked the show but I wasnt fully invested till this episode. It just goes up from here with the exception of one infamous moment

  4. Ugh, seriously the VA was AMAZING in this episode, but I have already HATED Subaru in the last few episodes and the fact that knowing everyone would die, he just let his emotional state takeover and just pretend he was completely broken and allowed everything to happen just pissed me off so much. Yeah he was messed up and for good reason, but he should have smacked himself in the cheeks drank some coffee and worked to figure it out. Because if he was broken the first time he’d be even MORE broken the second time, but he had no problem picking himself up and figuring it out then.