Re:Zero 1×17 Reaction

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  1. Man it’s so funny every reactor I see who watches this show doesn’t know wtf is going on. which is understandable since this has gotta be one of the most confusing shows to watch for the first time.

  2. Yeah so just for some more context about how much pain Suburu goes through. So if let’s he say he gets stabs and bleeds out he does not restart his loop until his heart stops completely so I’m future context because yes there will be much worse deaths you have to understand he instantly restarts his life the second his Heart stops so all the previous pain from before is stil very fresh I’m his mind as well as some of the residual pain from what he died with previously

  3. Haha, the ‘I don’t know anything’ feeling is natural at this point. I guess you can say it’s unique direction? It makes for a nice re-watch to pick up hints/easter eggs you missed the first time.