Re:Zero 1×18 Reaction

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    1. It’s definitely not the best but I’m glad Subaru broke out and wanted to give up since it shows he’s still a regular kid. It was a needed episode but rem 3 way love triangle was weird af ngl and I agree with Aaron on that. Especially since she was about to kill Subaru in the beginning, but aside from that it was agood episode other than just seeing 1 scene threw out most of the episode and some where just flashbacks of previous episodes.

  1. I get where Eric is coming from about Rem being kind of an empty character, who exists more to let Subaru shine. But I think it’s also important to know that Rem is helping someone who matters to her knowing she won’t be rewarded in the end with love. A lot of media and society kind of expects favours to be rewarded with love or sex. Men helping women walking home? Well he obviously expects a date or at least working towards that goal. Here, Rem knows she has little chance, but is still helping someone she loves but only because she understands what he’s doing is good. The moment he strays from this righteous path, like trying to run away here, she explicitly says she cannot assist, even if it gives her what she wants. Subaru also isn’t asking him to literally bang Emilia, but to save her/ support her, something Rem agrees with. She doesn’t want his happiness as much as she believes in what he believes in because she believes it’s the right thing to believe in. It’s not the most amazing character ever, but Rem is well constructed and does have her own identity and purpose.

    1. I like what you are saying, and thought I wanted to add a bit too it. I think Rick made the best counterpoint that really sums it up, she did not have dreams or aspirations before Subaru showed up. I don’t think it is lazy writing to have someone who loves someone else unconditionally if the reasons are there, furthermore, I think Rem is needed to be the light that gives Subaru hope to make the story what it is meant to be. I totally understand why people may not love this episode for a few reasons, but I also don’t think it makes it any less great, as the role it plays in the story is crucially important. I think some people view Rem as this girl written to fall for the main protagonist, which while technically true, ignores what is actually important which is how she acts as an unwavering wall to lean on. Something which is in my opinion very admirable and does not automatically make her ‘poorly written;. Yes she is not complex but she was never meant to be, her thoughts and character progression make sense given her backstory and fit perfectly as a foil for Subaru to respond to and grow from. When Eric says he feels the author in the show, and this is just me speculating, I believe he thinks that the author is using Subaru as a self-insert receiving Rem’s affection. Which I could blame many shows in the isekai genre of but even if it was true in this case I would say that it is an incredible insert as he gave Subaru plenty of flaws to make him realistic. Though I could be wrong with what Eric was getting at, either way it is fine he feels that way but I stand firm in my opinion of this episode (Best in Season 1)

    2. When I first watched this as it was airing, I was in total agreement with Eric’s perspective. Eric’s idea about Rem being a hollow female protagonist is strongly grounded to the American perspective of what makes a good person / character and a sensitivity to writing which doesn’t invest in female faculty and autonomy as a result of the volume of such content being produced. This show and the text it is based upon, as well as most Japanese manga and anime, rely heavily upon an eastern perspective (Confucianism) of what makes a person a good member of society more than fulfilling their own desires or even prioritizing their own needs. I’ve found the show is still enjoyable and speaks to a western listener. While failing the test of “Were I Rem’s dad, how pissed would I be?’, it passes the test of loving your neighbor as yourself, both of which have basis in western cultural and religious traditions.
      I liked what Rick said too about how he is addressing his sloth while fighting Sloth. This episode ends the arc to develop our initial impression of where Subaru is on his personal growth curve. I agree with Rick’s impression because he addresses his tendency and desire to avoid personal pain by taking up the responsibilities of being Rem’s hero in contrast to demanding the title of being Emilia’s knight.
      Motivations and background schemes are intricately thought out in the series. The anime is heavily summarizing the light novel content more so than anything else the Crew have reacted to. For example, this season is based upon the first three arcs in the light novel which have a combined 1,655,640 words. For context, the entire LOTR trilogy has 576,459 words and all of Harry Potter is 1,084,170 words. Season 2’s source light novel arc has around 1,700,000 words.

  2. Erics feelings about Rem is mine as well. I always preferred Emilia for that reason. She has a drive, a purpose. She sat her foot down and cut Subaru out of her life when he was disruptive, even though she cares for him. Rem was Subarus ray of light this episode, hopefully he can be the same for her and help her find her purpose.

  3. Well I think I’ve officially found the only reactors who didn’t think Rem was the greatest woman ever in this scene.

    I knew there was a reason they were my favorites.

  4. Eventually he’ll come up against something where no matter what he does or what he knows, it’s just inevitable.

    Yeah I can’t even imagine what that would look like…

  5. Thank you Eric, I have always thought the same thing about Rem. Shows like Re zero (Isekais) tend to be infantile male fantasies where every woman wants to have sex with an unremarkable male protagonist that seems to be a writer’s self insert. However, Re zero is a show that is actually trying to unpack Subaru’s ethos. That is why I have always had a problem with the Rem character, Subaru is actually complicated and she just has a base line characteristic (backstory) that was solely created for Subaru to vaguely help a little. After that, she just exist becomes his cheerleader and nothing more.

  6. Subaru is to Rem as what Emilia is to Subaru…

    Subaru didn’t really have any hopes or dreams and his sole purpose is to support Emilia and live for Emilia.

    Before Subaru entered the fray Rem just lived for Ram and did everything to protect her like killing Subaru when she thought he was a threat.

    I’m hoping they’ll put two and two together once they get to season 2 and realise what all these characters represent.

  7. Yeah, Emilia has always been the better character to me. Rem’s entire being revolved around Subaru and that’s it. She has no individuality. She’s “empty” as Eric said. Emilia has other stuff to her character than just Subaru. Hell, i think i prefer Ram over Rem as well. I’ve always thought Rem was just an “insert” character for people who watch this to be like “Rem is my waifu” lmao, just kinda of a blank slate type of character who the viewer could mould their own way, and that’s why she’s so popular. But that ain’t for me.

  8. what Eric says about Rem doesn’t add up… sure she has pink glasses about Subaru now, maybe, but if she was there to just be a male fantasy, she would run away with Subaru… she has other motivations than just being with Subaru

  9. Ugh what a D#$%$# Subaru was when he said that RIGHT after not only did she confess her love for him but she SAVED him from being broken, and brought him back from the farthest of brinks. He pissed me off so many times before in the last 4 episodes, but the way he said that to her absolutely made me resent him forever. Say you love her but Emilia has your heart, or say it SOMEHOW better than just throwing that in her face. You were literally being a coward loser trying to runaway, when most women would have heard that and realized you WERE a complete loser and someone to give up, so you couldn’t at LEAST say it in a nicer way? ugh, saying it the way he did, at the time he did showed no concern for Rem’s feelings in my opinion. He should have waited till later or something. I definitely have grown to like Subaru more in the second season, and definitely liked Emilia more then too, but anyone would KILL to have a girl like Rem who supports you no matter what lol. They barely even make those kinds girls anymore.