Re:Zero 1×19 Reaction

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  1. Wow those notes are not helpfull XD Felt is the one with the divine protection of wind ( -_-‘) The problem with re: zero is that it dumps so much info so if you dont remember all or most of it then it will hurt the enjoyment

  2. Think of Master Swordsman as a duty/title. The person who is the Master Swordsman does not choose to be it, rather they are chosen by the title/duty itself. It is like the Avatar. Aang did not choose to be the Avatar, but because he was, he had to fulfill that duty. The same applies to Master Swordsman.

  3. The way eric said “Fuck you whale” made me laugh, because its the exact joke that Gigguk made in his “Re:zero in 8 minutes” video a few years ago. I hope that they watch that video after they finish season 1, especially since it has no spoilers for season 2 because it was made years before the release of season 2 (and with no light novel spoilers either)