Re:Zero 1×21 Reaction

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  1. Honeslty I love Eric’s love of Masculinity in anime, since Anime excels at showing Masculinity and its positives and how hype it is. Just seeing him fall in love with characters like the body improvement club, Armstrong, Todo or Gurren Lagan and now Wilhelm. Always a joy

  2. did Aaron just mention zoro was this a hint of there being a one piece reaction, possibly, maybe, perhaps or his just been watching it on Netflix that or rick talks about it a lot lol

    1. It’s probably simply because of Rick talking about it sometimes. I really doubt they have a secret reaction of One Piece waiting around.

  3. I loved how Aaron got invested into this episode mostly because of Wilhelm. I wonder if it’s because Wilhelm had a red headed wife and got invested in to the back story. Either way, this Its good sign of future reactions ahead.

  4. I tear up any time an old man fights for his wife (alive or dead). It’s so powerful, just seeing the result of years of dedication and love towards one another, that even after one passes, the other continues to live for their memory.