Re:Zero 1×3 Reaction

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  1. It’s implied before he finally found the perfect “run” he had died in that city about 100 to 1,000 times they don’t show this in the anime because well… We would never leave the city but yea! If you could maybe pass the message on to them that would be cool!

    1. Also remember that what is shown on screen when you are watching an episode was designed to be what you know at this point in time. Regardless of if this show has a manga or not, that kind of information should be saved for the end of a show so that you can expand knowledge with source material, not warp someone’s perspective with something that wasn’t shown.

    2. To everyone who replied and anyone that responds after I got that information from a friend who claims they read the light novel I haven’t had the chance to read it myself and they didn’t really have a reason to lie to me but apparently they did as a joke and only told me later on about midway through season 2 where I noticed inconsistencies in what they said and they went “you got me” so I apologize also I thought if it was true it’s something good to note since it does justify somewhat why he goes insane (I do know that in the light novel they do go more in depth about his fear of dying and how it really does fuck him up every time mentally even more than in the anime and it kinda justifies why he doesn’t just casually reset over and over) but yeah I apologize!