Re:Zero 1×6 Reaction

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  1. I wish they had actually talked about the witch of envy instead of just the dragon. Also I was hoping they would put together more of the correlations between the ogre story with rem and ram and the fact that last time he made friends with rem. So maybe you could assume that ram was the one that killed him in this previous loop. But now opposed to making friends and connecting with rem he instead did that with ram. Now we see that rem is the one trying to kill him. When ram asked him which color ogre he would be friends with and choose he chose both of them. Just some stuff you can put together in with all that information and foreshadowing made this episode. Also the purple haired thing has caused problems with some other reactors. People aka weebs that just consistently watch and know a lot more about anime would be able to easily tell that it was just the lighting from the environment cause you see that type of color mixing pretty often in anime. Other than that good reaction as always. Wish I could get more but gotta wait.

      1. When I watched this for the first time I got it as its pretty obvious, so I think its more on those reactors over thinking or not connecting the dots.

    1. I mean, you seem to have watched a lot further ahead and expect them to have knowledge that’s explained in future episodes. I don’t get people like you who expect others to comprehend something that may be incomprehensive at that moment or can be easily overlooked.