Re:Zero 1×7 Reaction

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  1. Maybe it’s because I’m Black but I will truly NEVER understand why Subaru was incriminating himself for something he hadn’t done and had no idea how it happened. I just didn’t get that part of his actions.

    1. Even though he didn’t cause it, he DID have an idea of what happened (that a shaman had cursed her). Because he obtained that knowledge in another loop, however, he couldn’t share it without worrying about the hand grabbing his heart. Given his situation he didn’t have an opportunity to come up with a believable lie, so he just had to keep his mouth shut (which ends up looking really suspicious).

  2. Also blind wave idk how much you guys will care but just a little fact yes Roswald does have an enormous peen…. yes this is factual, he just be packing

    1. He’s been like that for awhile. If there’s a character he decides he does not he like he shuts out even trying to understand her POV for most of the series. But I’m hoping Rem’s better moments will break that streak in upcoming episodes.